Becky Morgan Eberhard Memorial Scholarship

Becky Morgan graduated from Winona Senior High School with honors. Becky earned a BS degree in Nursing from St. Theresa’s College in 1957. She taught in the LPN program at Winona General Hospital for the Winona Area Technical College from 1957-1961. She received commendations from the Superintendent of Schools for the high scores her students received on their State LPN Licensing examinations. Becky was one of the original organizers for the Winona County Mental Health Association and was co-chair of the Alumni association at St. Theresa’s College. Becky was a loving wife and devoted mother to her two daughters, Kim & Kari. Becky and her daughters were tragically killed by a drunk driver December 14, 1966 as they were crossing a busy street in Roseville, MN.

Scholarship contact is Dean Eberhard.