Dr. Jim & Shirley Mootz Family Scholarship

“A lifetime of working with young people in the field of education has cemented for us that attending an institution of higher learning after high school opens many doors in one’s life.

Having raised five children, all with bachelor’s degrees from colleges and some with advanced degrees, we certainly understand the cost of college and feel fortunate that we are able to assist students at Winona State University with this scholarship. We hope this scholarship will help an academically qualified student with high financial need to pursue their goal of graduating from Winona State.

While my personal life experiences include; bachelor’s degree in chemistry and physics, master’s degree in school counseling, and a doctorate in counseling psychology and higher education, one must also mix in study time and time management to reach academic goals. Besides this scholarship, Shirley and I stand ready to assist the student’s progress at WSU in any way the student fells comfortable.

I have been a high school science teacher, high school counselor, college professor, Director of a College Counseling Center, Director of College Admissions and Financial Aid and Assistant to the President for Special Projects. All these career opportunities have allowed us to be in constant contact with young people and now we would like to give back a scholarship to make college a little less financially burdensome, for all that young people have given us and enriched our lives." -Dr. Jim Mootz

Scholarship contacts are Jim and Shirley.