Ervin G. Bublitz Memorial Scholarship

Ervin G. Bublitz Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Ervin Bublitz came to WSU in 1970 as a teacher in the Sociology Department. Ervin graduated from WSU with a BS and BT in 1966, received his Masters from WSU in 1967 and his doctorate from the University of Utah. Ervin is a lifelong Winona Resident whose passionate support of the Winona community and education has influenced numerous others to give their time, money and talents to benefit the students, faculty and staff of Winona State, as well as the greater Winona community. He believes in higher education and recognizes the vital role WSU plays in the health and economy of the Winona Community. Ervin was appointed as Campus Beautification Consultant by former WSU President Darrell W. Krueger in August of 2000. Dr. Bublitz has donated several pieces of art to the Winona State Community, the Southwest Native American pottery and the Remington bronze sculptures are a few examples of his generosity.

People often ask me “Why do you have a commitment to share with the University?” I have always viewed donating in the context of sharing. Such sharing provides future generations with a meaningful artistic experience and preserves our culture and our history.

Let me leave you with a few personal thoughts. These days in the twilight years I often this of what legacy I will leave – let’s face it in one hundred years few, if anyone, will remember Ervin Bublitz – night is certain and death is the great leveler, but the legacy left behind may inspire, invigorate, and nourish the souls of others. No one knows with certainty the real essence of life after death, but we do know the sharing of art transcends death – the spirit of giving is eternal.

-Dr. Ervin Bublitz

Scholarship contact is the WSU Foundation.