Solvay (formerly Cytec) Engineered Materials Scholarship

Solvay (formerly Cytec) Engineered Materials Scholarship

In the Advanced Composite Materials industry, ICI Fiberite has emerged as a world leader. Started in 1948 at Winona, MN, the firm was born to develop high performance materials based on new and, at the time, unknown technologies.
Combining fibers, polymers and other additives, and by developing advanced manufacturing techniques and processes, an exciting family of composite materials emerged. The company flourished, establishing over the ensuring decades an international reputation for excellence in advanced composite materials. A solid leader of Winona’s diversified manufacturing base for five decades, ICI Fiberite has spawned a cluster of companies in the Winona area.

ICI Fiberite was renamed to Cytec; however, now it has be renamed and is known as Solvay. The firm points proudly to its industry leadership on a worldwide basis, citing products that are on the leading edge of technology, manufacturing process capability and quality systems that assure customers uniformity of product, sales and technical support services to customers, no matter where they are located, and manufacturing facilities around the world to improve service to existing customers and to pursue new opportunities for its products in emerging industrialized countries.

From its first base in Winona, Solvay has also developed manufacturing facilities in Greenville, Texas; Orange, California; Delano, Pennsylvania; and Oestringen, West Germany, in addition to creating a research and technology base in Tempe, Arizona. A network of distributors, sales and technical support reaches around the world, including many emerging industrial countries such as South Korea, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Australia.

Solvay materials have been to the moon, are present in our automobiles, and the planes in which we fly.. .they are found in satellites soaring above the Earth, in our golf clubs and fishing poles… and they have aided medical science, duplicating the strength and stiffness of human bones as well as helping to achieve breakthroughs in the area of X-ray technology.
Solvay — from the earliest days of Winona State’s engineering vision — assisted in the creation of the program and, since its inception, has provided invaluable support.

Scholarship contact is Solvay.