Riza Gyenes Scholarship

The Riza Gyenes Scholarship is created for students intending to enter the medical, nursing, or medical technology profession.


1. Each recipient must be classified as a nontraditional student (sophomore, junior, senior, graduate, post baccalaureate, or graduate special) and be in good standing at Winona State University with a minimum grade point average (G.P.A.) of 3.0(4.0=A).
2. Each recipient must intend to enter the medical, nursing or medical technology profession.
3. Each undergraduate recipient must be a student enrolled part-time (minimum 6 semester credit hours) or full-time (minimum 12 semester credit hours) at WSU.
4. Each graduate, post baccalaureate or graduate special student recipient must be enrolled part-time (minimum of four semester hours) or full-time (minimum eight semester hours) at Winona State University.
5. Each recipient must be in financial need as demonstrated by the Financial Aid Office. First preference should be given to a student with dependent children; second preference should be given to someone involved with social concerns in the community.

College of Nursing, Nursing Department
Supplemental Questions
  1. Do you have a dependent child or dependent children?
  2. What are your social concerns in the community?