Roger & Myra Carlson Scholarship

The Roger and Myra Carlson Scholarship is created to encourage and support students who are seeking a degree in Education with a strong interest in geography, global studies, political science, sociology, or special education.


1. Each recipient must have a 2.75 g.p.a.
2. Each recipient must be classified as a sophomore, junior or senior and have full time status (minimum of 12 credits each semester).
3. Financial need as determined by the FASFA report.
4. Declared Education major, with a strong interest in geography, global studies, political science, sociology or special education, which will be described in the student’s application essay.


Roger and Myra Carlson are avid supporters of the Winona community education systems. During their long and distinguished careers, both Roger and Myra Carlson touched the lives of thousands of students. Through their commitment to education, they changed the perspectives of many and made a positive impact on the future of the students they taught.

Roger was born just before World War II in a small town in Iowa. At the age of 15 his family moved to a small farm in North Dakota that his Norwegian grandfather homesteaded. Always curious and interested in all kinds of things, he knew he wanted to go to college, but realized that would be next to impossible considering his parents’ financial situation.

The state of North Dakota experienced a severe shortage of teachers. After high school graduation, Roger was able to spend one year in college and take a special curriculum that qualified him to teach the next year in a one room country school. The following year he volunteered for the military draft and spent two years in the Army, with one year in Germany. By doing so, he qualified for the Korean War “G.I. Bill” which provided the opportunity to attend college. He earned both Bachelors and Masters Degrees from UCLA and later a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

Roger taught Geography at Winona State University for 28 years. He was fortunate to travel to parts of the world that his students were studying and eventually made a trip around the world.

Myra spent 20 years working in the Winona School system encouraging her special needs students to “reach for the stars.”

Roger has always realized the importance and appreciated the financial benefits given to him through the G.I. Bill. Without it, he may have spent his entire life tied to a small farm in North Dakota. He can appreciate some of the financial problems students face today and wants to do what he can to help during this most important time of their lives. Roger is also very fortunate that his wife, Myra, has shared his goals and helped encourage their children to get a good education.

Roger & Myra Carlson Scholarship
College of Education, Education Department
Supplemental Questions
  1. As part of your declared Education Teaching major, do you have a strong interest in Geography and/or Global Studies?