Zach Wilson Memorial Scholarship

In June, 2018, the Zach Wilson Memorial Scholarship was established with the Winona State University Foundation. The scholarship will benefit and encourage students who are majoring in math or computer science, and minoring in an area within the humanities.

1. Each recipient must:
a. be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time and in good standing at Winona State University (minimum of 12 credits per semester, fall and spring);
b. be a declared math or computer science major with a minor in the arts and humanities (for ex., philosophy, history, English, music, performing and visual arts.)

2. Preference will be given to:
a. graduates of Winona Senior High School or other Winona public school;
b. first generation college students and/or students from an under-served population, for example, African American, Latino or Native American.

Background and Motivation
Zach Wilson was a graduate of Winona Senior High School, class of 1988. He attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a double major in math and philosophy. After attending graduate school, studying philosophy, he returned to Winona and took classes in literature and computer science at WSU.

When I remember Zach, I think of his kindness, especially to those who he felt were being bullied, or who faced injustices. Zach always took up for the underdog and he was never afraid to stand up for what he thought was right. He was a deep thinker who believed we could use reason to understand the best way to live. Miranda Wilson, sister

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