Chris and Sue Mosson Baseball Scholarship

In July of 2018, the Chris and Sue Mosson Baseball Scholarship was established with the Winona State University Foundation. The scholarship will benefit and encourage students who are members of the Winona State Baseball Team.

1. Recipients must be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time and in good standing at Winona State University (minimum of 12 credits per semester, Fall and Spring).
2. The Baseball player will have a declared major, class-year not important, and demonstrate financial need.

Background and Motivation
My name is Chris Mosson and I attended Winona State University from September 1982 to May 1986, earning a degree in Accounting. I had the distinct pleasure of playing on the baseball team for all 4 years that I attended WSU. I was not a recruited player and will never forget the thrill and uncertainty of showing up for the first day of Fall Ball in 1982. I knew no one. Thankfully, Coach Gary Grob had an open policy in those days and allowed all of us a chance to make the team. WSU had a great winning tradition and I wanted to be a part of it.
In order to attend WSU, I had to rely on myself for all of the finances. Fortunately for me, there were several avenues to obtain my financial resources. I received a small renewable academic scholarship from my high school, took out annual student loans, earned a small academic scholarship from WSU and always maintained a job. I never complained and did whatever I needed to do to live out my dream of being a college ballplayer. I am forever grateful to the organizations that provided my scholarships, the government for giving me access to student loans, and to all of my former employers.
My four years at WSU were amongst the most gratifying times of my life. I made great lifelong friends, won a lot of baseball games, grew as a person, and positioned myself for achievement outside the classroom and the ball field. My wife Sue and I wish to share some of our good fortune to make it just a little easier for the next generations of Warriors.

Our criteria for earning this scholarship is to best match my personal experience of being a high performing student in the classroom while playing and winning on the WSU Baseball Team. We hope that our gift will help others live out their dreams and inspire them to share back some day when they are in position to do so. I congratulate the recipient of this scholarship for the dedication to classroom excellence and baseball performance. Have fun and love what you are doing.

Athletics Department