Braden Holst Memorial Scholarship

The Braden Holst Scholarship is for students who have membership in Phi Theta Chi.

1. Scholastic Standing at Winona State: In consideration for the Braden Holst Scholarship, each candidate must be enrolled as a “full-time” student (12 credits/semester minimum) and in good standing at Winona State University.
2. Campus Affiliation: Because John and Heather were each associated with a Greek organization during their time at Winona State, and hold the organizations’ commitments to civic participation and community service in high regard; each candidate for the Braden Holst Scholarship must be a member of of Phi Theta Chi
3. Submit an essay to address each of the following topics:
• Experiences associated with their organizational involvement, and the impact they may have made through that work.
• Describe their ultimate goals for their collegiate experience at Winona State, and their lives, subsequent to graduation.
• Applicants are also expected to address characteristics or circumstances of adversity which they have, or continue to overcome in their lives.

In August, 2008 John and Heather Holst Established the Braden Holst Scholarship in memory of their son, Braden, as an annual/permanently endowed fund within the Winona State University Foundation. John and Heather are graduates of Winona State, and feel that giving back to current students with concerted dedication toward civic involvement and academic achievement would be a great way to establish a permanent and growing legacy for Braden—both through their scholarship, and the work of the students that it supports.

Braden Holst Memorial Scholarship
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Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you an active member of Phi Theta Chi?
  2. Please submit an essay addressing each of the following: a) Your experiences associated with organizational involvement, and the impact you may have made through that work, b) Describe your ultimate goals for your collegiate experience at WSU, and your life, subsequent to graduation, and c) What characteristics or circumstances of adversity do you have, or continue to overcome in your life?