William Gresham Memorial Scholarship

The William Gresham Memorial Scholarship is created for students during their first year in the WSU Nursing Program.


1. Each recipient must be an undergraduate student enrolled full-time at Winona State University.
2. Each recipient must be entering his/her first year in the WSU Nursing Program and be in good standing at Winona State University with a minimum grade point average (g.p.a.) of 3.0 (4.0 = A).
3. Each recipient must be a declared major in Winona State University’s Nursing Program. Preference will be given to a recipient enrolled in the generic nursing option.
4. Each recipient must have been admitted to the Nursing Program.


William Howard Gresham was known as “Bill” to his friends. Bill’s statistics are: Born in 1936; died 1986. Son of Marguerite; Husband of Penny; Father of David and Kelly. Friend to many. Graduated from North Texas State University. Worked primarily in engineering departments of manufacturing organizations. Lived most of his life in Texas. Loved the Colorado Mountains, and was just beginning to enjoy Winona and the snow when he died. He questioned everything, read ravenously, and he used to say that if you helped someone and told someone else about it, it didn’t count. He was special to all who knew him.

William Gresham died at the age of 49 from numerous heart problems, which caused him to have to retire in his early forties. He spent much time in the presence of nurses during his last few years of his life. He noticed that it was rare to find a really intelligent and very compassionate nurse, all wrapped up in the same person. He had a great deal of respect for those who had both of these traits. Because he had set up a nursing scholarship for his mom at a community college in Texas when she died, and because of his respect and admiration for the truly talented health care professional, his family and friends established the William H. Gresham Nursing Scholarship in his name when he died and to honor him and plan to continue the scholarship.

College of Nursing, Nursing Department