Don & Phyllis Fick Scholarship

The Don and Phyllis Fick Scholarship is for students who have declared a Chemistry major.


A. Recipient must be enrolled full-time at Winona State University.
B. Recipient must be classified as a sophomore when receiving the award.
C. Recipient must declare Chemistry as their major.
D. The spirit of this award is to help an average student with a minimum g.p.a of 3.0.


Don and Phyllis Fick both attended University of Wisconsin River Falls. Don majored in Chemistry and Phyllis in Elementary Education. Don taught five years in Wisconsin high schools and Phyllis in Elementary schools. Don attended the University of North Dakota where he earned a MST. It was then that he came to Winona State where he taught at Phelps-Howell Lab School. In 1964 he joined the Chemistry Department at WSU. In 1968 Don went to Oregon State University to pursue an advanced degree. He completed his PHD in Science Education. He continued to teach at WSU until 1992 when he retired.

Phyllis worked as a substitute teacher while they raised five children. Education has always played an important part in our family. One child has received his PH.D., three others have earned their MS. All of the children are in some way involved in education. Our granddaughter has also obtained a degree from WSU.

Don & Phyllis Fick Scholarship
Chemistry Department, College of Science & Engineering