Dean Allyn Lanz Scholarship

The Dean Allyn Lanz Scholarship was created to encourage and support students seeking a degree in Mass Communication/Journalism Option. This scholarship will award 1 $1000 award for a total of 4 years equaling a total of $4000.


1. Each recipient must be an incoming Freshman enrolled full-time at Winona State University (minimum of 12 credits each for Fall and Spring semesters)
2. Each first-time recipient must meet the top tier of the WSU Presidential Honor requirements: Top 5% of graduating class and an ACT 28
3. Each recipient must be a declared Mass Communications major with the Journalism Option
4. Recipients must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 (4.0=A)


In 2007, John Vivian established the Dean Allyn Lanz Award Scholarship. This Dean Allyn Lanz Scholarship agreement revises and replaces the original Dean Allyn Lanz Award Scholarship agreement established by John Vivian in 2007.

Dean Allyn Lanz, a 1990 graduate of Winona State University, was a strident advocate for free expression and social justice. He drew on his experience as a lawyer for cogent arguments, often on behalf of people who didn’t have a voice to speak up on their own behalf. His work included service on the city Human Rights Commission.

On the occasion of Dean Lanz’s death in 2007, the original scholarship was created for a student in mass communication for reporting on social justice and free expression issues for the CyberIndee. This scholarship is a fitting memorial to Dean Lanz’s bravery and courage to speak publicly regardless of whether his message would be popular.

Dean Allyn Lanz Scholarship
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